Who We Are:

The Plato Society is a non-profit professional association founded in 2006, with headquarters at the Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb. The Society gathers scholars, experts, and other interested individuals who study and research Plato and Platonist philosophy, as well as their abiding influence in the European and world philosophical heritage.

A central aspect of the work of Plato's Society is its social and humanitarian engagement in promoting a “culture of dialogue” in the tradition of Socrates and Plato, and advancing methods of philosophizing in life contexts based on this aim. We aim to show that philosophy in its most genuine sense should and can “Bring philosophy down from the heavens and into the cities of human beings” (Cicero).

Among its activities, the Society organizes The Plato Society Lecture and Colloquia Series, book presentations, national and international symposia, and "AGORA", an annual or biannual "Philosopher's Market" to benefit the Society and its activities. 

The Society also sponsors its own project on philosophizing with children, youth and adults entitled “Project Stohrenschule” (founded 2006), implementing its own original methods and workshops created by its members. Anyone with a genuine interest in philosophy/philosophizing and in studying philosopy, or participating in any of our activities, can become a member of the Plato Society.



The Plato Society Zagreb New School of Philosophical Discourse

The Plato Society Zagreb New School of Philosophical Discourse is one of the activities of The Plato Society which includes regular meetings for the reading and discussion of philosophical texts. Topics for reading and discussion are chosen with regard to the interests of the participants and current activities of the Plato Society, including international conferences, research projects, and topics from our workshops on philosophizing with children. Prior knowledge of philosophy is an advantage, but not a prerequisite for participation. Anyone interested in reading and discussion of philosophical texts and topics is welcome to join us. 

Our current topic is also the topic of a 2-year bilateral Austro-Croatian research project directed by Marie-Élise Zovko (Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb) and Violetta Waibel (Institut für Philosophie, Universität Wien): Cultivation and Transformation of Judgement in the Encounter of Philosophy, Culture and Art, with particular reference to the Philosophy of Kant and Hegel, and considers the relation of Beauty, Art and Nature in central texts by Hegel and Kant.

The Zagreb New School reading and discussion group meets every Friday, from 16.30 to 19.30 at the Institute of Philosophy, VI. floor (Mala dvorana).

For further information, please contact us by e-mail platonovo.drustvo@gmail.com.

 Board Members

President: Marie-Élise Zovko

Vice-presidents: Laura Blažetić Faller, Željka Lilek Blagus 

Secretary: Miško Ivčić

Treasurer: Stipe Ivković